Sakura-bito with Japanese Traditional Craftsmen


Special Lucky Items with Japanese Beaty Sprits and Traditional craftmanship

“Sakura-bito” is the special lucky item brand which based on the Japanese folk tales and mythologies, produced by Japanese traditional craftmen.
With the Japanese craftmanship that includes Japanese unique beauty sense and minimalism, and with the Japanese spirits fostered by various folk tales, we produce the Special lucky items.


【Ishikawa:Kutani ware】

The Mallet of Luck with the Kutani ware traditional 5 colors and unique gold paintings

【Fukui:Echizen papercraft】

The Bill Wallet made of Japanese high quality deerskin and the Echizen traditional paper craft



The Echizen traditional paper has over 1500 years history. 2 Paper Shrine enshrine the Paper Goddes”Kawakami-Gozen” taught the paper craft technique in the Echizen area.


Mr.Yanase who is the Echizen-paper craftman, making not only Japanese traditional paper wall, but also challenging the new craft techniques.