Sakura-bito with Japanese Traditional Craftsmen


【Fukui:Echizen papercraft】Great Fortune Bill Wallet

A traditional Japanese paper wallet related to the god of paper that invites fortune and happiness

This wallet is made of the  combination Echizen Japanese paper, which has a history of more than 1500 years, and high-quality domestic deer leather.
In collaboration with the traditional crafts of Echizen paper and the shrine that enshrines the god who passed on the papermaking technique to the village, we created a wallet that invites good luck.

Prayed at "Okamoto Shrine / Otaki Shrine", the only god of the paper industry in Japan

“Okamoto Shrine / Otaki Shrine” are in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture.
It is the only shrine in Japan that enshrines the god of the paper industry.

Of the two adjacent shrines, Okamoto Shrine is older. About 1,500 years ago, a beautiful woman named Kawakami Gozen taught Echizen locals the technique to male papercrats by using of the clean valley river and rich forest even in a village with few fields. Echizen people enshrined Kawakami gozen as the Goddess of papercraft in Okamoto Shrine.

Famous for its most complex roof shape, this shrine has a beautiful and majestic appearance.

Otaki Shrine is a Shinto Buddhist shrine that enshrines the Shinto gods and the Eleven-faced Kannon Bodhisattva, with Kawakami in front of them as the guardian deity.

Echizen papercraft developed in this mysterious and legendary land, and it was useful as a paper for copying sutras due to the spread of Buddhism. Echizen papercraft is the very symbol of Japanese history.

This time, we asked to pray for all customers’ good fortune of our Bill Wallet at Okamoto Shrine and Otaki Shrine. 

This Wallet has made by combination of the papercraft technique that the Paper Goddess taught and the spiritual power of special shrines.

Over 1500 years history, the Echizen paper craftsman makes happy circle pattern

The Echizen paper craft factory “Yanase-Washi” makes the inside papercraft of the wallet.

Yanase-Washi is in Imadate town where has  succeeded the Enchizen papercraft technique over 1500 years, and challenges some modern product such as accessry trays, animation character’s items, etc. 

The Echizen papercraft is made by combination of kozo, mitsumata, and ganpi, which are plant materials, known forits elegant quality based on beautiful brilliant colors.

In ancient times, it was loved as a public paper by aristocrats, samurais, and shrines.

Yanase-Washi produces the happy circle pattern to make the partitions of the wallet.

It describes that happy circles expanding in yellow that is known as happy symbol color. 
It will make you feel heartwarming each time you open the wallet and see the inside of it.

Yanase Washi Co.,Ltd.  

The Echizen paper craft factory in Imadate Goka where is known as the traditional papercraft guild village near by Okamoto Shrine and Otaki Shrine. 
Its high quality paper is used by the temples of the national treasure level. 
The factory also challenges to produce modern items for overseas by collaboration with designers.

With high quality materials and sophisticated design, we produce the luxurious bill wallet with good fortune

We use the best quality Japanese dear skin to make it.

The dear is purported to be the lucky animal which brings you a good fortune. Because the sound of dear in Chinese is similar to the sound of salary in Chinese, Chinese people believe that the dear would bring good fortune.

In Japan also, the dear has been loved as the familiar of God.

We use Japanese high quality dear skin to make this wallet. In addition, the dear skin is dyed deep forest green; which is known as the color brings continuous good fortune.

Its simple design suits any person, in old and young age, male and female. And its noble appearance is differ from the stereotype lucky charm. 

The inside partitions are made by the Echizen paper the happy circle pattern.
Every time you open the wallet , you can see the happy yellow color.
If you put the new bill for someones gift in it, it will brings goof fortune with the power of the Paper Goddess.

The tassel made of the same dear skin is as the accent of its simple design.

On the center of the wallet, the symbol mark of Sakura-bito is ふformed as the certification of handmade craft.

As a milestone in your life, as a gift for someone you love

We will deliver the bill wallet in the gift box of deep red; which is known as a symbolic color of people in the high class. 
It’s suitable for a  milestone in your life, and also a perfect gift to convey your heart to your loved ones.

It matches with any sfashion, such as Japanese Kimono style, dresses, suits.

Great Fortune Bill Wallet

■materials/dear skin, Japanese paper(Echizen paper), ordinal paper 
■specifications/bill partition×4、card pocket×16
■accessory/gift box
■Made in Japan
Price:77,700JPY(tax included)

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