Sakura-bito with Japanese Traditional Craftsmen


【Ishikawa:Kutani ware】Magic Wishing Mallet

The Mallet of Luck of the Kutani ware

In collaboration with a traditional craftsman of Kutani ware, which is a traditional pottery in Ishikawa Prefecture, and Japanese falk tale motif Uchide Kozuchi(The Mallet of Luck),  we produce the new gorgeous lucky charm that brings you wealth and happiness.

The symbol of wealth and happiness with the legends remain in various areas of Japan

The Uchideno Kozuchi; the Mallet of Luck is a legendary motif that brings out various treasures by shaking.
It is also known as the belonging of Daikokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods.

Many old tales of the Mallet of Luck have been told in various areas of Japan, and the story of carrying happiness and good fortune to the person who got it has been loved.

We Sakurabito produce the Mallet of Luck as an item that brings brilliance and luck to modern life with the gorgeous Kutani ware technique.

Based on the history of about 360 years―― Kutani ware's leading traditional craftsmen draw auspicious patterns

Mr. Sobun Taka, the leading craftsman of Ishikawa Prefecture’s traditional color painting porcelain “Kutani ware” draws patterns on the Mallet of Luck.

Kutani ware’s the attractive combination of colors and graceful patterns of red, yellow, green, purple, and dark blue is named as Kutani Gosai.

Mr. Sobun Taka has been active as Kutani ware craftsman for more than 34 years, and his gorgeous and elegant works that colorfully drawn natural motifs and legendary gods with the traditional gold painting “Kinrande” technique have received high praise at home and abroad.

This product, “Magic Wishing Mallet,” has a modern and elegant design with the motifs of cranes and turtles, which are the symbols of auspiciousness, on the left and right sides of the Kozuchi, and the main flower pattern of it is Mr. Taka’s original.

Sobun Taka; Kutani ware traditional craftsman 

After graduating from Osaka University of Arts in 1986, he began his career as a traditional craftsman in the Kutani Institute of Technology. He has received prizes of many exhibitions such as Japan New Crafts Exhibition, Nitten, Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Issuikai Ceramics Club Exhibition, and holded solo exhibitions in overseas cities such as Vienna, Guangzhou and Dubai. His works have received high praise both domestically and overseas, including the first Asian invited exhibitor at the Vienna Masterpiece Collection.

The essence of traditional crafts enhances the dignity of the interior

“Magic Wishing Mallet” has a chic black background with a graceful pastel flower pattern on the front.

With a painting that is both profound and cute taste, you can enjoy a verious expression every time you look at it.

Crane and turtle motifs are drawn on the left and right sides of the Mallet.

In asia, there is proverb “a crane lives a thousand years and a turtle lives a million years”. Both animals have been symbols of healthy longevity since ancient times, and because the cry of a crane reaches far away, it is often likened the state that “a wish reaches heaven”.

As a decorattion of the handle of the Mallet, we put a gorgeous vermilion bunch on it.

In contrast to black, which is the base of the painting pattern on the main body, it tightens the overall impression.

We hope that you will use it as a lucky charm that will be passed down in your family from generation to generation.

As a milestone in your life, as a gift for someone you love

“Magic Wishing Mallet” will be delivered in a paulownia box with a lacquer-like stand for exhibition.
It’s suitable for a milestone in your life, and also a perfect gift to convey your heart to your loved ones.

It is a gem that you can enjoy for a long time with a design that brings dignity and auspicious signs to the space where both Japanese-style rooms and Western-style rooms are placed.

Magic Wishing Mallet

■size(about)/the body:8.5×14.5×7.8cm、
the desplay plate:15×15×0.6cm、length of the bunch:27.5cm
■materials/the body:pottery (Kutani ware)、the desplay plate:wood、 the bunch:rayon
■accessory/gift box, 1 display plate, the bunch of the handle
■Made in Japan
Price:88,800JPY(tax included)

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