Sakura-bito with Japanese Traditional Craftsmen

Pray for God of fertility, Respect for the traditional culture

We'll produce special items with such Japanese beauty sense and spirits

Cherry blossom ; “Sakura” in Japanese name, is the representative flower in Japan. It has divine and fascinating, fantastic beauty.

“Sa” of “Sakura” means God. In ancient times, people believed that “Sa” God comes down from mountains to villages in spring.

“Kura” of “Sakura” means the objects that God are summoned to.

For Japanese as an agricultural people, watching cherry blossom means the most important event to thank for God of fertility, and to pray for good harvest of the year. Cherry blossom is the very divine tree that God dwells in.

But the period of blooming of cherry blossom is so short, in 1 week or so, it blooms and soon falls.
Japanese beauty sense came from this features of cherry blossom. We love and respect decisiveness and evanescence of cherry blossom, sense the change of seasons, feel Gods in nature.

Japanese culture with such spirits, has been created throughout its long history, has
transmitted unique traditions.

“Sakura-bito” is Japanese seasonal word that means people watch and love cherry blossom, have the beauty of cherry blossom.We “Sakura-bito” brand would send Japanese beauty sense thoroughout our special lucky products made by Japanese traditional craftsmen to customers all over the world, and would propose the lifestyle full of beauty.

With the Japanese traditional spirits and the creative technique of craftsmen

All our products are made by Japanese traditional craftsmen by hand.

They suceeded high level technique that was fostered in Japanese uniqie materials and nature, lifestyle and religion; has so long history, the oldest one has begun since more than 1500 years ago Nara age.
And they produce items with Japanese minimal and fascinating beauty sense.

We would send customers the special good fortune items with their spirits and technique.

Featuring folk tales with Japanese Gods, the standpoint of Japanese spirits and lifestyle

The products of “Sakura-bito” are featuring Japanese folk tales, such as “Mallet of fortune”, “The tale of Goddess of papercrafts”.

All folk tales even now are believed by people, makes Japanese unique lifestyle, and are the foundation of Japanese culture.

Throughout our special products, you will feel sense the spirits of Japanse happy folk tales.